Oil Assay - Methanol Analysis

Methanol in crude oil impacts water treatment systems in refineries because bacteria involved in cleansing the water preferentially break down methanol, leaving hydrocarbons and toxins untreated. Methanol is miscible in water, so is present in the desalter effluent. Refineries often choose to cut crude runs rather than risk a "bug kill" - a large upset that would require major remediation and could cause violation of environmental legislation, permit excursions or future penalties.

The current analytical GC method for crude assays, ASTM D7059, requires a specialist operator and has a run time of 30-45 mins. Online NMR and NIR have detection limits of percent levels.

Features of Lonestar Methanol Analyzer


  • Selective detection of methanol in a range of crude oils.
  • Quantitation of methanol between 10 and 1000ppm.
  • Ease of operation - No special sample preparation or extraction required.
  • Operated by non-specialist.
  • Analysis time under 15 minutes sample to sample.

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Methanol Analyzer Specifications

Technology Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS)
Analytes Methanol
Dynamic range 10-1,000ppm
Accuracy +/- 10% at 50 -1000ppm and +/-5ppm < 50ppm
Analysis time 15 minutes sample to sample
Precision 10% RSD

Narrated Presentation

This narrated presentation will walk you through the advantages of the Lonestar Crude Quality Analyzer for the detection of methanol

Lonestar - Fast and Easy to Use

This video shows Lonestar's speed and ease-of-use.  In the video, TBHQ is detected in a background matrix of edible (food) oil - a similar application to crude oil analysis. 

Lonestar Crude Oil Assay Webinar

Video recording of a webinar by Owlstone's Co-founder Billy Boyle discussing the features and capabilities of the Lonestar Crude oil analyzer

Webinar crude oil assay detecting methanol triazine organic chloride

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