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Lonestar is a portable analytical platform that makes laboratory-standard analysis available in the field and at the pipeline. Using Owlstone's award-winning FAIMS technology, it can detect contaminants in oil and gas at parts per million levels, and its straightforward sampling module and user interface mean it can be operated easily by non-specialist personnel. With analysis taking less than 10 minutes, Lonestar can be used to rapidly identify and quantify contaminants such as methanol, hydrogen sulfide scavengers (triazines), organic chlorides and carbonyl sulfide, allowing producers to avoid expensive processing issues further downstream.

Current analytical methods require specialist instrumentation and operators and can often take hours before completion. Lonestar is operable by non-specialist personnel and can provide detailed analysis in a matter of minutes. Analysis can take place on site before custody transfer, allowing any composition issues to be eliminated before reaching the refinery. Lonestar can also continuously sample for a particular chemical species, allowing it to be used as an in-line chemical monitor that can raise the alarm if a pre-set threshold concentration of a contaminant is reached.

Features of the Lonestar Analyzer

lonestar crude oil testing and analysis.jpg
  • Rapid analysis - takes <10 minutes.
  • Sensitive - detects analytes at ppm concentrations.
  • Highly selective, reducing false alarms.
  • Easy to use, operable by non-specialists.
  • Fully portable device for point of use measurement.

Lonestar - Fast and Easy to Use

This video shows Lonestar's speed and ease-of-use.  In the video, the concentration of H2S scavengers in a crude oil sample is determined. 

Narrated Presentation - Methanol In Crude

This narrated presentation will walk you through the advantages of the Lonestar Crude Quality Analyzer for the detection of methanol

Lonestar Crude Oil Assay Webinar with Billy Boyle

Video recording of a webinar by Owlstone's Co-founder Billy Boyle discussing the features and capabilities of the Lonestar Crude oil analyzer

Webinar crude oil assay detecting methanol triazine organic chloride

Selected Clients

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