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Owlstone is actively building long term global distributor relationships. If you are interested in representing our products contact us to discuss how we can build a mutually benefical partnership.

Lonestar is a flexible, portable gas analyser, which can be reprogrammed to detect a broad range of gases. If your organisation has expertise in the following applications, Lonestar could be a strong addition to your offering - Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Semiconductors.

OVG-4 is a gas calibration instrument; incorporating permeation tubes it can be used to generate ppb levels of traceable calibration gases- Speciality Gases, Laboratory Instruments, Gas Analyzer Distributors.

Lonestar and OVG-4

We seek to build win-win relationships and our distributor programmes range from simple referral schemes to a closer partnership in which distributors can develop new detection applications with support from the Owlstone technical team.

  1. Affiliate partner - Owlstone will provide you with online content that you can quickly and easily put on your website. Any traffic referred through your site that converts to a sale is tracked and you'll receive a finders fee. The same applies for physical introductions made by your organisation.
  2. Distributor partner - we have territory and application based exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements; we'll send you copies of these agreements with the distributor information pack.

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