ATLAS At-Line Sampling Module

A portable sampling unit that allows solid and liquid samples to be analyzed with Lonestar

ATLAS module.jpgLonestar with ATLAS.jpg

The ATLAS module (left) and the Lonestar Analyzer with ATLAS module (right)

Owlstone's Lonestar Analyzer detects and quantifies chemical compounds in the vapor phase. The ATLAS at-line sampling module extends its analytical capabilities to liquid and solid samples by using headspace sampling. Volatile solid or liquid samples are placed into the ATLAS sample holder, and vapor given off by the sample collects in the space above it. Once a sufficiently high concentration of the vapor has accumulated, it is swept into the Lonestar by a clean, dry air flow. To increase the rate of evaporation from the sample, the ATLAS module can be equipped with both a heater and a magnetic stirrer. To find out more about headspace sampling, take a look at this guide.

ATLAS in Action

This video shows H2S scavenger analysis using the ATLAS module with Lonestar

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