Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS)

Using leading-edge nanofabrication techniques, Owlstone has developed a complete chemical detection system on a chip. A ‘dime size’ Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometer (FAIMS), with the ability to rapidly monitor a broad range of chemicals at very low quantities with high confidence.

FAIMS Chip miniature chemical detector
  • Detect multiple gases simultaneously in under a second
  • Detection levels below part per billion (ppb)
  • Sensor can be reprogrammed to detect new gases through software, even after deployment. Hardware stays the same.
  • Unique 2D chemical signature dramatically reduces false alarms

By significantly reducing the cost and complexity of building devices to detect specific chemical agents, Owlstone opens up an exciting new world of chemical sensing applications. Smaller, lighter and more versatile than the competition, Owlstone sensing technology takes chemical detection into the 21st century.

Conventional IMS performance worsens dramatically as it is reduced in size. By contrast, the Owlstone FAIMS solution has improved sensitivity, improved selectivity at reduced power as it is miniaturized. It is not only a sensor, but a highly integrated system with the necessary electronic and mechanical components squeezed into a compact footprint. Micro and nano-fabrication techniques enable the detector to be manufactured in a massively parallel fashion, achieving small form factor, economy of scale and reduced unit cost.

Owlstone’s solution was designed to meet the demanding requirements of detection in an uncertain world and promises to set a new benchmark for reliable, cost-effective chemical and explosive detection. Increased sensitivity and selectivity over other miniature detection technologies leads to higher accuracy, and lower false positives.

Unlike alternate miniature detectors, Owlstone's technology does not rely on exotic materials, custom engineered for each application, which degrade over time. It is easily customized to each application through software updates and can be dynamically reprogrammed for new chemicals even after deployment. Use of chemically inert materials ensures a long operational and storage life.

The Owlstone detection technology can be used wherever there is the need for a small, low power, yet highly sensitive and selective method of detection. From homeland security to home safety, Owlstone is providing next generation detection solutions to leading manufacturers and integrators across a broad range of markets and applications.

Find out more about the FAIMS technology behind the Owlstone detector - and the benefits in a wide range of chemical sensing applications.

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