DART-ultraFAIMS-MS: pre-separation with direct ionisation sources DART-ultraFAIMS-MS: pre-separation with direct ionisation sourcesMany mass spec users have highlighted the potential for using FAIMS pre-separation with direct ionisation sources as a gas-phase analog to the LC pre-separation used with electrospray sources. The ultraFAIMS pre-separation should reduce general chemical noise, and may also allow selective transmission of isomers and isobars. We recently coupled our ultraFAIMS-A1 system with the IonSense DART source for proof-of-principle testing, on an Agilent 6230 TOF. This confirmed that the two systems can be coupled without the need for modifications to either instrument.
Oil Assay - Methanol Analysis Oil Assay - Methanol AnalysisMethanol in crude oil impacts water treatment systems in refineries because bacteria involved in cleansing the water preferentially break down methanol, leaving hydrocarbons and toxins untreated. Methanol is miscible in water, so is present in the desalter effluent. Refineries often choose to cut crude runs rather than risk a "bug kill" - a large upset that would require major remediation and could cause violation of environmental legislation, permit excursions or future penalties.
Residual Solvent Monitoring with Lonestar Residual Solvent Monitoring with LonestarLonestar is a powerful, easy to use analyzer for accurate, real time identification and monitoring of Class 1, 2 and 3 residual solvents as outlined by The International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidance documents and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).