Owlstone at Pittcon 2015

Owlstone's Ashley Wilks is presenting at Pittcon 2015 on Sunday March 8th.

High Resolution, Extreme Field Spectra of Small (< 350D) Molecules with Advanced FAIMS Configuration

The presentation is part of the "Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry: New FAIMS Instrumentation and Applications" session, presided by Alexandre A Shvartsburg (Wichita State University). Abstract number is 60-6. Details below:

Date: Sunday, March 8, 2015
Start Time: 03:35 PM (Slot #6)
Location: 252

An improved miniature FAIMS system configuration for high-resolution extreme field separations will be described. Critical detector performance metrics (relating selectivity and sensitivity) will be assessed by case study of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other low molecular weight compounds.