V-OVG Calibration Gas Generator

The Vertical Owlstone Vapor Generator (V-OVG) builds on Owlstone's proven OVG technology. The V-OVG platform features an innovative new oven design. The larger, vertically mounted chamber allows the use of multiple, physically large or specialist permeation devices.

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3 V-OVG units in a GEN-SYS rack

Owlstone Vapour Generators are compact, cost effective calibration gas systems, which can generate NIST traceable, precise, repeatable and accurate concentrations of chemicals and calibration gas standards. The V-OVG is a versatile platform for the calibration of industrial and scientific gas sensors. Using permeation tube technology, a V-OVG system can replace multiple gas cylinders resulting in significant cost and space savings.

The new V-OVG sample oven is 16 times the volume of the OVG-4 model. This larger oven allows gas standards to be produced from multiple and non-standard geometry permeation sources. The V-OVG also features an improved split flow meter with a digital readout and a RS-485 communications module for computer control.

  • More versatile - bigger, vertical oven that holds up to 6 standard permeation tubes
  • Easier to use - digital split flow meter readout
  • Suitable for multiple permeation sources
  • Easy access top entry oven
  • Optional RS-485 connection
Oven small.jpg

V-OVG's vertical oven holds up to 6 perm tubes

Diffusion tube

Wafer device/diffusion tube

Digital control of permeation oven temperature

Digital control of permeation oven temperature, sample flow and split flow enables fully automated generation of calibration gases. Easily add parallel channels.

Vertical loading

Vertical loading, large bore oven for multiple permeation tubes and diffusion tubes.

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Learn everything about using permeation tubes: download "The Complete Guide To Testing Gas Sensors".


Learn everything about using permeation tubes: download "The Complete Guide To Testing Gas Sensors".


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