OVG-4 Calibration Gas Generator

OVG-4 calibration gas generator

The Owlstone Vapor Generator (OVG-4) is a compact, cost effective calibration gas system, which can generate NIST traceable, precise, repeatable and accurate concentrations of chemicals and calibration gas standards.

Designed for calibration of industrial and scientific gas sensors, the OVG-4 incorporates permeation tube technology and can replace multiple gas cylinders. This results in significant cost and space savings as well as eliminating dangers associated with cylinders. The ability to generate arbitrarily complex gas mixtures makes the OVG-4 calibration gas generator suitable for a broad range of applications from calibration of explosive detectors in military and homeland defence to testing personal monitors in industrial health and safety applications.

What's wrong with cylinders?

  • Not suitable for many compounds e.g. corrosives, explosives etc
  • Hazards of high concentrations and high pressures
  • Cylinder and regulator costs quickly stack up with multiple analytes

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Benefits of permeation tubes

  • Excellent stability for up to two years of continuous use
  • Traceable to NIST standards
  • Safety - tubes contain only a very small quantity of analyte and operate at low pressure

Gas Calibration with OVG-4™ 

How to calibrate gas sensors with OVG-4

1. Individual permeation tubes are filled with the analyte to calibrate and test instruments, gas analysers and sensors (e.g. FTIR, GC).
Permeation tube as used in a calibration gas generator
Analyte diffuses through the permeation tube
2. The permeation tube is placed in the OVG-4, which generates a traceable gas standard for testing and calibration.
OVG-4 calibration gas generator
3. That's it. You are now ready to test your sensors/instruments against traceable, precise and repeatable gas standards.


  • Industrial and scientific vapor generation for all types of gas sensor calibration.
  • Cost saving by replacing multiple, costly gas cylinders
  • Small quantity of target chemicals reduces risk of dangerous exposure
  • Fast and easy sample replacement removes dangers associated with high pressure cylinders
  • Accuracy and precision even at very low concentrations with superior long term stability and repeatability
  • Portable with compact footprint for significant laboratory space savings
  • Reduce setup time and generate blended gas mixtures rapidly
  • Adjust concentration from part per billion to part per million levels
  • Interface with the Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG) for realistic environmental testing

OVG-4 Specifications

Click below to see the OVG-4 specification and how it compares to Owlstone's other calibration gas generator, the V-OVG.

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OVG-4 Presentation

An online presentation highlighting some of OVG-4's advantages and capabilities. (requires Adobe Flash)

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V-OVG for advanced calibration gas generation

The Owlstone V-OVG features:

  • Larger chamber, allowing multiple, large or specialist permeation tubes
  • Improved digital split flow meter
  • Optional RS-485 interface for computer control

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Learn everything about using permeation tubes: download "The Complete Guide To Testing Gas Sensors".


Learn everything about using permeation tubes: download "The Complete Guide To Testing Gas Sensors".


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Some OVG customers

Chem Agent & Explosives testing

Test and calibrate chemical warfare agent and explosive detectors with OVG.

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"OVG is a great tool for our corrosion studies in atmospheres polluted with controlled low amounts of contaminants. As well as high precision air flow and gas generation control, modularity and versatility, we especially value the exceptional long-term customer support provided by Owlstone."

"As we develop sensors responding to ppb concentrations of VOCs, our Owlstone eight-channel OVG-4 calibration gas generator has been invaluable with their excellent stability, and are significantly more cost effective than the competition"

"The OVG-4 units work exactly as advertised and I couldn't be more happy with the performance of our system. Also, the support Owlstone have given us throughout has been outstanding"