OVG for corrosion testing OVG for corrosion testing The Owlstone Vapor Generator (OVG) provides a versatile, safe and cylinder free solution to generating known gaseous concentrations of of a wide range of chemical species. An example use of OVG is for generating known quantities of acidic and other compounds for material corrosion testing under simulated corrosive atmospheres.
Explosive calibration standards (DMMP, MS, DMNB, DNT) Explosive calibration standards (DMMP, MS, DMNB, DNT)The OVG-4 is the fastest, safest and easiest way to test and traceably calibrate sensors and instruments for the detection of chemical warfare agents and explosives.  With our CWX package we provide an OVG-4 and four permeation tubes with common chemical warfare simulants and explosive taggants (DMMP, MS, DNT and DMNB).